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Coldwell Banker Innovations Answers Your Real Estate Questions

Published on 09/14/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

  Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations, we get mail—lots of it! Frequently, we receive questions from our readers, buyers and sellers involving all kinds of real estate inquires, some through our email form, others via snail mail and even some direct phone calls. Believe it or not, we’ve even received questions through our fax line! […]

Can You Purchase A Home After Bankruptcy?

Published on 05/18/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

  Perhaps the title above is a bit misleading—anyone can purchase a home…if they have the money. The problem is getting a lender to approve a mortgage when you have a bankruptcy on your record. No need to despair, however, as many previous homeowners who have needed to file have been able to obtain financing, […]