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First Time Homebuyers Quick Tips: How To Get That Down Payment

Published on 04/14/2016 By Power Marketing

  Remember back to when you purchased your first home….the excitement of touring Open Houses, the hours researching local neighborhoods, the thrill visualizing how you will decorate the living room, and, of course, the stress of just how to come up with that all important down payment! Somehow, you were able to gather the money […]

How Do You Choose The Right Real Estate Agent?

Published on 09/14/2015 By Power Marketing

Selling or buying a home can definitely be challenging, stress inducing and, yes, complicated. Attempting either undertaking without the help of skilled real estate professional is kind of like trying to play golf with zero practice and expecting to hit a hole-in-one; you could get lucky, but it’s not really likely! So, how do you […]