Want To Sell Your Home Quickly, Easily & At The Right Price?


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“Our house sold for the full asking price in one day! I don’t know why your home is sitting on the market for so long…..” Don’t you just love it when you’re house is listed and a “friend” or neighbor feels the need to share their good fortune with you?Contrary to popular belief, homes don’t normally sell within one day of listing, and, in the rare occasions they do, it’s more than likely that the original listing price was way too low.

Of course all homeowners want to receive as much for their house as possible, but it’s important to understand that it does take time to find the right buyer.

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when the time comes to sell your home quickly, easily and at the right price!


Be Realistic Regarding Viewing Times

You really want to sell your house, don’t place unreasonable restrictions on when realtors can bring potential buyers through your front door. Yes, it may inconvenient to receive a phone call and hear “I have a couple who is in the area and they would just love to see your home! Can we swing by in five minutes for a walk through?”  Your answer should always be a resounding “Absolutely!” Don’t ask for them to come back tomorrow or next week—they won’t. You never know, that unscheduled visit could lead to closing.

Know The Enemy

Ok, we realize that may sound a bit too harsh, but certainly you get the point.  It’s important to understand what else is on the market in your area.  Speak to your neighbors regarding the competition.  Do your own online research to see if that house down the street recently went down in price. Drive by and check out the curb appeal of other homes for sale in your neighborhood.  Of course it helps to have a dedicated agent to take care of this legwork on your behalf!

Let It Shine

Everyone knows any home is more appealing to buyers with a fresh coat of paint and proper staging, but what good will those strategies do if customers experience them in a dimly lit room? Use the highest wattage light bulbs your lamps and fixtures are able to safely accommodate to brighten up every corner.  Another good tip is to hang a mirror or two in smaller rooms; giving the impression the area is bigger than it actually is.

Keep It Clean

This one’s easy if you’re not currently occupying the home, but can be difficult if you still live there.  Ask any homeowner who has children or pets (or both!) and they will agree it can seem nearly impossible to keep your house “showing ready”.  Find a system that works for you.  It may involve doing laundry more frequently, serving dinner on paper plates for a short period of time as well as having an exit strategy when prospective buyers calls on short notice. If you have small children explain to them they need to choose their absolute favorite toys to keep handy, as the others need to be boxed up until the Big Move.  This will definitely help save time when it comes to straightening up the playroom or your child’s bedroom!

Investigate The Online Presence Of Your Agent

The overwhelming majority of homebuyers turn to the Internet first in their search for the perfect home. You must select a real estate agent that not only understands the mindset of the buyer but also is skilled at promoting your home online.  The most successful real estate agents are skilled at marketing properties properly to receive maximum exposure.  If your house for sale isn’t easily found online, chances are it won’t receive much attention from buyers.

When you’re ready to sell your property call Coldwell Banker Innovations!  We are the number one independently owned Coldwell Banker branch in Maryland for five years running!  We truly have our finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Maryland, West Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania.

Call 301.745.1500 or follow us on Facebook to learn how we can help you sell your home quickly, conveniently and definitely at the right price!

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