Spring-Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

Each year as the weather gets nicer and the days longer, homeowners open the windows, let some fresh air inside, and begin tackling repairs, decluttering and cleaning their homes. To make your spring-cleaning a little easier this year, we’ve compiled this checklist of must-do chores and tasks to help you welcome spring back into your home.

  • Thoroughly clean your windows, inside and out. If you have screens, wash and repair any holes or tears now before the weather gets nicer. Remove curtains and wash or dry-clean if needed.
  • Have the entire family go through their closets. Replace cool-weather clothing with warm-weather clothing, and remove anything you no longer want or wear and donate or sell at a yard sale.
  • Gather the family together and clean out the garage and attic spaces. Re-organize storage; anything not in use and taking up space should go to a yard sale.
  • Inspect the roof for winter damages. Consult a roofing contractor for any needed repairs.
  • Remove dead foliage or weeds from the lawn.
  • Begin spring landscaping, including planting shrubs and trees. Consult a landscaping expert for help.
  • Inspect and clean all furniture, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Schedule a spring inspection of your cooling system. Air conditioning companies will be busy as the weather gets warmer, so do this sooner than later.
  • Dust all furniture, light fixtures, ceiling fans, shelves, and other décor.
  • Vacuum or wipe down all walls and ceilings.
  • Change batteries in smoke (twice a year) and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure units are dust free.
  • Replace air or furnace filter.


What’s on your spring-cleaning to-do list?

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