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Why Wouldn’t You Want The Strength Of The Industry Leader Behind You?

Published on 01/18/2016 By Power Marketing

  Purchasing a new home or selling your existing property is a major life event.  At Coldwell Banker Innovations we understand the full range of emotions buyers and sellers experience from the initial decision to buy or sell through the closing process.  When you choose Coldwell Banker Innovations you will feel confident in your decision, […]

Ever Wondered About The Homes Of MLB Players? Check It Out!

Published on 09/03/2015 By Power Marketing

Do you suffer from a case of Pennant Fever? Some of the area’s favorite Major League Baseball teams are still fighting for their chance at a playoff berth, while the majority will be heading home the first week in October after a grueling 162 game season. We shouldn’t feel sorry for these Boys Of Summer, […]

More Responses To Your Burning Real Estate Questions

Published on 07/21/2015 By Power Marketing

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Maybe you’re kicking back poolside browsing our blog, or perhaps checking us out on your iPad or tablet on a long road trip. Hopefully, you’re beating the heat in some air conditioned comfort. Regardless of how or where you’re accessing our site, we’re happy you decided to drop […]

Everything You Need To Know When Moving: Part One

Published on 05/01/2015 By Power Marketing

Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations, we understand moving from one residence to another can often be stressful—but it doesn’t have to be! With proper planning, a bit of advice, and a dash of luck, moving can even be more like a fun adventure rather than a nail-biting experience.  In this series we will offer you […]

What Are Homebuyers Really Thankful For?

Published on 11/05/2014 By Power Marketing

November is the big lead up to Thanksgiving, possibly America’s favorite holiday, and certainly a time for reflecting on what all of us are grateful for.  We’ve asked several homebuyers what they have been thankful for in the pursuit of finding their dream house over the past year. Some responses were very insightful and touching […]

Hagerstown Magazine’s Hot List 2014 Number One Real Estate Agent Kevin O’Leary

Published on 09/03/2014 By Power Marketing

  Coldwell Banker Innovations Congratulates Team Member Kevin O’Leary   Way to go Kevin! I’m sure Coldwell Banker Innovations is very proud of you! What’s it like being selected by Hagerstown Magazine’s Hot List as being the Number One Agent for 2014?   I’m sincerely speechless, which is a huge feat as anyone who knows […]

How Well Do You Know The Real Estate Market?

Published on 08/27/2014 By Power Marketing

Ok all of you homebuyers, sellers and realtors—are you ready to test your knowledge on recent real estate trends? Listed below is a quiz consisting of 10 multiple-choice questions regarding the current real estate market. How do you think you will fare?

Get To Know Your Coldwell Banker Innovations Agents: Gail Greenbaum

Published on 08/11/2014 By Power Marketing

Welcome, Gail, to the CBI team! Thank you! It’s an honor to be working with such a dedicated group of people. What made you decide to get into the real estate business? Well, I know it might sound silly, but I always loved watching those real estate programs on television—still do in fact.  And I […]

Another New Face Added To The Coldwell Banker Innovations Team

Published on 07/17/2014 By John Spare

Get To Know Coldwell Banker Innovations Realtor Arlene Greer  

Movers And Shakers: The Coldwell Banker Innovations Leadership Team

Published on 07/08/2014 By Power Marketing

Additions To Coldwell Banker Innovations Leadership Team     With the enormous success of Coldwell Banker Innovations including the addition of a new office in Greencastle, PA, strategic changes have been made to the agency’s leadership team.