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6 Tips to Sell your Home Fast

Published on 03/31/2017 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

There are steps you can take to sell your home fast. The following 6 tips will help put you on the right path. Price it right: The first 30 days on the market is always the best activity you’re going to see. Enhance curb appeal: Potential buyers form an opinion the moment they drive up to […]

CBI Answers Your Real Estate Questions

Published on 11/14/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations we get a lot of questions from our blog readers. This week we decided to roll up our sleeves, reach into the mailbag, and choose three at random to answer…and boy, are they some great questions! 

Yes—The Fourth Quarter Is A Great Time To List Your House

Published on 11/07/2016 By Power Marketing

  You’re ready to sell your home, but your gut tells you to wait until after the holidays to contact an agent.  Why? “Well…I always thought spring was the best time to sell a home….right?” Not necessarily.  In fact, there are tremendous advantages to listing your property in December! Join us and we will debunk […]

5 Questions You Must Answer Before Listing Your Home

Published on 10/03/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

The title kind of makes you think of that 80’s song by The Clash, doesn’t it? In that catchy tune a frustrated guy is trying to decide if he should breakup with his girlfriend or stick around to see how the relationship works out. It could also be a metaphor for a homeowner fighting with […]

Coldwell Banker Innovations Answers Your Real Estate Questions

Published on 09/14/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

  Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations, we get mail—lots of it! Frequently, we receive questions from our readers, buyers and sellers involving all kinds of real estate inquires, some through our email form, others via snail mail and even some direct phone calls. Believe it or not, we’ve even received questions through our fax line! […]

Blowing The Lid Off Common Real Estate Scams

Published on 08/17/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

As sad as it is to admit, not everyone out there adheres to the same set of ethics. Charlatans, conmen and scam artists have been around since the first caveman swindled the village hunter out of the wooly mammoth. Unfortunately, this mentality continues to this very day. Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations we believe education is power. […]

SAQ: Seldom Asked Questions For Buyers & Sellers

Published on 08/15/2016 By Power Marketing

SA We’re all familiar with FAQs, meaning “Frequently Asked Questions”, but what about those questions that are rarely asked but are just as important? This week we take a look at a handful of SAQs, “Seldom Asked Questions” regarding all things real estate. Join us!

Listing Your Home This Fall? Here’s Some Staging Tips!

Published on 08/05/2016 By Power Marketing

In the past we’ve addressed the old wives’ tale that you should only sell a home in the spring. That’s like saying the only time to you should purchase a car in is in June or the only time you should seriously be in the market for a new pair of shoes is February! The […]

Top Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Agent Before Selling Your Home (Part Two)

Published on 07/08/2016 By John Spare

Welcome back! Hopefully you found the first five tips in our previous article helpful. This week, we’ll reveal the final five questions you should definitely ask your agent before selling your home. Ready to get started? Great!

Top Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Agent Before Selling Your Home (Part One)

Published on 07/01/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations we believe an educated seller makes for a happy client! With that being said, we decided to provide a convenient list of questions you should ask prospective real estate agents before listing your home. Think of the process of choosing an agent as a job interview, and your the company’s […]