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Are You A Boomerang Buyer?

Published on 11/01/2016 By Power Marketing

At one point you were a happy homeowner, comfortable with the knowledge that you and your family had a cozy, secure home in a friendly neighborhood; a place where memories were made and security was assured. Then, the unthinkable happened. The economy went into a tailspin and you found yourself struggling to stay afloat. One […]

How To Get Your Credit Score In Order Before Pre-Approval

Published on 07/19/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

We’ve seen it happen more times than we care to admit—a buyer finds their dream house and asks one of our talented CBI agents to represent them in the transaction. That’s great, as we specialize in helping both buyers and sellers, however the plot thickens when a buyer’s credit history is bit murky.  Mortgage pre-approval […]

Own A Home Again: Part Two—Boomerang Buyers

Published on 10/08/2015 By Power Marketing

Welcome back and thank you for joining us for the finale to our two-part series dedicated to “Boomerang Buyers”. This term refers to former homeowners who have experienced financial difficulties—even bankruptcy—but now they’re bouncing back and once again considering home ownership. This demographic is much more experienced than they were the first time around, and […]

Credit scores

Published on 10/05/2012 By Jflook

In the last few years FICO, the main purveyor of credit scoring technology, and other providers have worked to educate borrowers, providing information about what goes into credit scores and consumer guides on how to improve them.  Another recent consumer innovation is the ability to do credit score simulations online. Using one of these simulators a consumer […]

Home sales up!

Published on 09/21/2012 By Jflook

Sales of existing homes were up 7.8 percent from July to August to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.82 million, helping boost the national median home price for the sixth month in a row, the National Association of Realtors Said today.  Looking back a year, home sales increased 9.3 percent in August. At $187,400, […]

NAR Mobilizes Homeowners

Published on 08/03/2012 By Jflook

The National Association of Realtors has launched an email campaign designed to educate roughly 82 million consumers about the value of homeownership and the government incentives in place that support it. Starting last week, the three-part campaign sent out its first set of emails directly from NAR to all U.S. homeowners — about 75 million people […]

Credit, Capacity, and Collateral

Published on 03/28/2012 By Jflook

When you are applying for a home loan there are a lot of things that banks will look at when evaluating your creditworthiness.  Today we’ll look at three of those, credit capacity and collateral.  Your Credit score, or FICO score, is determined by three credit rating agencies, Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.  Your credit score can […]