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Are You A Boomerang Buyer?

Published on 11/01/2016 By Power Marketing

At one point you were a happy homeowner, comfortable with the knowledge that you and your family had a cozy, secure home in a friendly neighborhood; a place where memories were made and security was assured. Then, the unthinkable happened. The economy went into a tailspin and you found yourself struggling to stay afloat. One […]

Why Wouldn’t You Want The Strength Of The Industry Leader Behind You?

Published on 01/18/2016 By Power Marketing

  Purchasing a new home or selling your existing property is a major life event.  At Coldwell Banker Innovations we understand the full range of emotions buyers and sellers experience from the initial decision to buy or sell through the closing process.  When you choose Coldwell Banker Innovations you will feel confident in your decision, […]

More Responses To Your Burning Real Estate Questions

Published on 07/21/2015 By Power Marketing

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Maybe you’re kicking back poolside browsing our blog, or perhaps checking us out on your iPad or tablet on a long road trip. Hopefully, you’re beating the heat in some air conditioned comfort. Regardless of how or where you’re accessing our site, we’re happy you decided to drop […]

Get To Know Your Coldwell Banker Innovations Agents: Gail Greenbaum

Published on 08/11/2014 By Power Marketing

Welcome, Gail, to the CBI team! Thank you! It’s an honor to be working with such a dedicated group of people. What made you decide to get into the real estate business? Well, I know it might sound silly, but I always loved watching those real estate programs on television—still do in fact.  And I […]

Another New Face Added To The Coldwell Banker Innovations Team

Published on 07/17/2014 By John Spare

Get To Know Coldwell Banker Innovations Realtor Arlene Greer  

Over Ten Thousand Home Transactions Since 2009

Published on 06/18/2014 By John Spare

Selling Or Buying A Hagerstown Area Home? Put The Power Of Coldwell Banker Innovations To Work For You! Coldwell Banker Innovations is proud to announce they have exceeded 10,000 home transactions since founders Clarence Horst and Brian Flook partnered to purchase the company in 2009.

CBI Values Technology in Real Estate

Published on 03/04/2011 By Power Marketing

“With more and more consumers starting their search for a home at home, you can be sure that Coldwell Banker will continue to look for ways to innovate on behalf of the consumer,” writes david_marine in his entry “The Future of Technology is at Home” on Coldwell Banker’s “Blue Matter” blog. David_marine writes of his […]

Sell Green, Buy Green

Published on 01/17/2011 By Power Marketing

Coldwell Banker Innovations is dedicated to offering homebuyers the best properties in the Hagerstown real estate. With continually increasing interest in environmentally friendly and green homes, we make it a point to make homes for sale in Maryland available in stunning locations with affordable prices. Our spotlighted home this week is located at 11707 Walnut […]

Coldwell Banker Innovations Donates Toys for Christmas

Published on 12/20/2010 By Power Marketing

Coldwell Banker Innovations, the number one independently owned Coldwell Banker franchise in Maryland, is pleased to announce the results of their Toys for Tots fund-raiser. Lasting November 10 through December, the fund-raiser collected $140.91 in monetary donations, as well as enough donated toys to fill up a large Toys for Tots donation box — and […]

New Website Promoting Careers in Real Estate!

Published on 11/30/2010 By Power Marketing

Working with the team at Power Marketing, we recently completed a new website promoting careers in real estate at Coldwell Banker Innovations: www.hagerstownrealestateagents.com. For anyone interested in launching a career with CBI, the website serves as a central location where potential CBI agents can browse company information, history, programs and services, training, videos and more. […]