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Coldwell Banker Innovations Welcomes New Realtor – Diane DeLaet

Published on 02/13/2017 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

Licensed Realtor in Maryland and Pennsylvania We’re pleased to announce that Realtor, Diane DeLaet recently joined our Coldwell Banker Innovation’s team in Hagerstown, MD. Diane is a licensed real estate agent in both Maryland and Pennsylvania. She is a results-oriented professional with an extensive background in planning, zoning and land use. Makes Family a Priority […]

Holiday Safety Tips

Published on 12/15/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

We’ve all recovered from our Thanksgiving feasts, Black Friday has come and gone and now it’s time to get ready for Christmas,  New Year’s Eve and 2017! There’s a lot to take care of over around the house during the next few weeks. Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations we thought it was a good time […]

A Holiday Story From Coldwell Banker Innovations

Published on 12/12/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

  ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and we listed our home. Transferred to Ohio, the city of Rome. The promotion was solid, no reason to fear, But I had to start work at the first of the year!

Everything You Need To Know About Home Insurance

Published on 12/06/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

The purchase of a home is the greatest investment most people will ever make in their lifetime. As a homeowner, you definitely need insurance to protect your home, belongings, family as well as the physical structure of your house. Accidents can occur at any time, and, without home insurance you’re leaving yourself exposed to a […]

There’s Still Time To Make This Christmas Special—Toys For Tots 2016

Published on 11/29/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

Once again, Coldwell Banker Innovations is participating in the annual Toys For Tots campaign.  There’s still time to donate unwrapped toys here at our office located at 1850 Dual Highway in Hagerstown, but the clock is ticking!

Purchasing A Home In The Winter Is A Good Idea!

Published on 11/22/2016 By Power Marketing

A few weeks ago we discussed why selling your home at the end of the year truly is a great idea. This article posed some very important questions from our readers, namely, is it wise to purchase a home during this same period. Well, we’ve done some homework and have some very valuable advice on […]

CBI Answers Your Real Estate Questions

Published on 11/14/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations we get a lot of questions from our blog readers. This week we decided to roll up our sleeves, reach into the mailbag, and choose three at random to answer…and boy, are they some great questions! 

Yes—The Fourth Quarter Is A Great Time To List Your House

Published on 11/07/2016 By Power Marketing

  You’re ready to sell your home, but your gut tells you to wait until after the holidays to contact an agent.  Why? “Well…I always thought spring was the best time to sell a home….right?” Not necessarily.  In fact, there are tremendous advantages to listing your property in December! Join us and we will debunk […]

Are You A Boomerang Buyer?

Published on 11/01/2016 By Power Marketing

At one point you were a happy homeowner, comfortable with the knowledge that you and your family had a cozy, secure home in a friendly neighborhood; a place where memories were made and security was assured. Then, the unthinkable happened. The economy went into a tailspin and you found yourself struggling to stay afloat. One […]

A Halloween Story From Coldwell Banker Innovations

Published on 10/17/2016 By Coldwell Banker Innovations

It’s almost Halloween and I thought this would be a great time to share a very true story I recently experienced when working with a buyer.  The names are changed, but I promise, that’s the only component of this story that isn’t true.