Top Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Agent Before Selling Your Home (Part Two)

Welcome back! Hopefully you found the first five tips in our previous article helpful. This week, we’ll reveal the final five questions you should definitely ask your agent before selling your home. Ready to get started? Great!

6.) Do You Have A Specific Marketing Plan In Place To Sell My Home?

Every real estate agent understands the value of a solid marketing plan when it comes to selling a home. Here at Coldwell Banker Innovations our agents are very active on social media, ensuring we get the word out about your beautiful home for sale. We also make sure to get your property listed on the CBI website, making it easy for buyers to find your house by featuring a wide variety of great photography and extensive details of your property.

7.) Are You A Full Time Real Estate Agent?

The majority of real estate agents are full time. They have dedicated their careers to helping homeowners sell their home and guiding buyers to finding the perfect house. Some real estate agents choose to work part time due to family obligations or other commitments. This in no way means they aren’t equally as dedicated to helping you sell your house. In fact, for many of those who have always considered a career in real estate, working part time is the perfect way to get into the business. If you’ve ever thought about working as a real estate agent, you should definitely give us a call!

8.) Do You Work With An Official Team Or By Yourself?

Some of our Coldwell Banker Innovations agents love being part of a dedicated team. Many of our teams have been recognized for their efforts by Coldwell Banker’s corporate office for excellence in sales. Other CBI agents enjoy working individually while others have found success by sharing their insights and experience with other agents.

9.) Are You Partnered With An Industry Leader?

Real estate agents who have decided to work with a brokerage like CBI enjoy many benefits to not only advance their career, but to also help clients sell their homes more quickly. Coldwell Banker Innovations provides our agents with a wealth of training, marketing strategies and incredible commissions. When you choose a CBI agent to sell your home, you can rest assured they’re not working all by themselves. We’re here to support them—and you—every step of the way!

10.) What Separates You From The Competition?

Of course every real estate agent is different, but when it comes to a Coldwell Banker Innovation’s agent, we all have several things in common. Every agent with CBI represents himself or herself with the highest level of integrity. They are sincerely motivated to help our buyers and sellers, always conveying professionalism and kindness.

Below is just a brief sample of interviews with some of our CBI agents. Please feel free to click on any of the links to learn more about their experience, sincerity and work ethic.

Corry Eagler                        Esteban Escobar

Jennifer Fulfer                     Robin Wivell

Kimberly Lewis                    Kevin O’Leary

Kim Mozick                          Gail Greenbaum

Diane Carlisle                      David Yoder

For more information on finding the right agent to list your home, or to be matched with a dedicated real estate agent to help you find the perfect house, please visit our website or call us directly at 301.745.1500

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