Some Of The Strangest Homeowner Association Regulations You’ll Ever Hear!

Some Of The Strangest Homeowner Association Regulations You’ll Ever Hear!

Yes, HOA’s are intended to help maintain a certain quality of consistency in planned neighborhoods, designed, among other things, to ensure all homeowners keep their property attractive and appealing.  In certain instances, however, Homeowner Association Regulations tend to really push the boundaries of common sense!


Here are just a sampling of some…let’s say “unique”, rules mandated in some covenants and how the results they had on homeowners.  Keep in mind, CBI understands the rights and the reasoning behind the creation of certain neighborhood rules, but we think you’ll agree, all of the examples below are over the top!


In some instances, names and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved, but trust us…..these incidents have all actually occurred!


  • A couple wanted to build an extension on the back of their home to use as an exercise room.  Being that their home backed up against a wooded lot they thought it would be a simple approval from the board; after all, no one would ever see it from the street.  The application process cost $300, and they were only permitted to make a request like this once a year.  The first year their idea was denied….same results on their second year request.  Already out $600, they decided on the third year to propose that their extension would be used as a wine cellar—and it was approved! According to the homeowner, they keep a cheap bottle of wine on the window ledge alongside their workout equipment…just in case!


  • Sherman Bertrand and his wife Sheila have three dogs, but new association rules in their Myrtle Beach community were changed to allowing residents to not exceed two furry friends.  Shouldn’t the family’s pets, all over 14 years old, be grandfathered in as an exception? Not according to the HOA!  One of those pets would have to go away or Mr. & Mrs. Bertrand would need to cough up $100 in fines…daily.  You can read more here.



  • Attention Parents! How would you react if your HOA attempted to make this change? In Florida a new rule was created that “children will not be permitted to run, play tag or act boisterously on the association property.”  The new statements included “children will be under the direct control of adults at all times” or the homeowner would be fined $100 per incident.  We know what you’re thinking, and no, this is not a retirement community.


  • Staying in Florida, Bayonet Point to be exact, is the famous case of Joseph Prudente, who actually served jail time because he couldn’t comply with a court order. A pensioner with limited income, Mr. Prudente wasn’t able to sod his lawn according to HOA requirements.  Fortunately, some outraged neighbors performed the task and were able to legally spring Joe from the Big House!


Have a crazy, funny, alarming or disturbing HOA story of your own?  Post below and let others know about it!

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