Safety Tips For Homebuyers

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Hello readers! We received such a positive response from last week’s article involving “Safety Tips For Home Sellers”, but one of our diligent readers contacted us inquiring about safety tips for homebuyers. We agreed those looking to purchase a new home should also be reminded of common safety tips, therefore we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog to just that! Ready?

Safety Tips For Home Buyers

Always Visit Homes With A Licensed Real Estate Agent

Yes, you may come across your ideal dream home for sale, and it just may be a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), but it’s never a good idea to schedule a visit without having your licensed real estate agent present.  Your trusted REALTOR® will not only be able to attend the walk through with you, they will be able to provide valuable information regarding the house in question that the owner may not be willing to divulge.  At the very least, never, ever agree to a visit alone—always have a friend, spouse or family member accompany you if your agent isn’t available.

Never Agree To Negotiate Directly With The Seller

It is very common for FSBO property owners to attempt to negotiate directly with potential buyers. They may try to persuade you with the promise of a lower price, as they will not have to provide a commission to the buyer’s agent.  The minimal amount of potential savings far outweighs the risk of representing yourself in a transaction of this magnitude. Your real estate agent has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the seller is legitimate and completes all legal forms correctly. Failure to utilize the services of a dedicated buyer’s agent can open a Pandora’s Box full of potential problems and legal issues.

Change All Locks Immediately

The day you close on your new property is meant to be exciting! You’ve finally received the keys to your new house and it’s time to move in. Before you unpack that first box, you should contact a reliable locksmith to change all of your home’s locks.  Just because the seller provided you with keys at closing, it doesn’t mean you hold the only copies.

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