CBI Values Technology in Real Estate

“With more and more consumers starting their search for a home at home, you can be sure that Coldwell Banker will continue to look for ways to innovate on behalf of the consumer,” writes david_marine in his entry “The Future of Technology is at Home” on Coldwell Banker’s “Blue Matter” blog.

David_marine writes of his trip to the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year as a Coldwell Banker representative. “Coldwell Banker has always been a company built on innovation and serving its customer to the best of its ability,” he writes. “So if there’s a conference where we can learn about how consumers are going to use the latest technology to go about their daily lives, why shouldn’t a real estate brand like Coldwell Banker be there?”

He makes a strong point. As Coldwell Banker Innovations real estate agents, our clients are using multiple forms of technology to reach us — and in many cases, to find Coldwell Banker in the first place. Oftentimes, they do their research about Chambersburg, Hagerstown, Martinsburg and Frederick real estate on the computer and on their phones before even making contact.

CBI continuously strives to stay ahead of the technology curve, constantly providing easier and more convenient methods of home buying and selling to keep up with our clients. “I use my [Android] phone from everything to text, email, remote access to other computers, as well as to make my own virtual tours of properties I list and upload to YouTube,” says Chris Horn, CBI agent in the Hagerstown real estate office. He also uses his phone to manage documents when he is not in town, effectively using technology to streamline business on his end while providing tons of easily accessible information to his clients. “The smart phone is the best item a realtor can invest in in today’s market,” writes CBI agent Connie Mozingo from her iPhone.


Our commitment to technology is what helps keep us the leading residential brokerage team for the Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland houses for sale. We’d love to hear from you — when it comes to home buying and selling, how are you using technology and how could we use it to simplify the process?

Visit Coldwell Banker Innovations online at www.yourcoldwellbanker.com.

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