A Christmas Story From Coldwell Banker Innovations

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’Twas the night before Christmas, and all this is true.
My wife was quite sad and obviously blue.
“It’s Christmas Eve, why so down in the dumps?
The family is coming, and you’re filled with the grumps!”

She gave me a look I don’t dare to explain,
proceeding to tell me our house was a pain.
“The kitchen is small and the yard way too large,
and your mother is coming, sure to take charge!”

The kids entered the room, with fun-loving joy,
Two lovely girls and my mischievous boy!
I leaned to my wife to give her a hug,
When she suddenly revealed the home buying bug.

I want us to move! We need a new place!
A bit bigger home puts a smile on my face.”
I knew what she meant, I had to agree.
A new home it would be for our family!

After our meal, once the guests called it a night,
I pulled out my old laptop and turned on the light.
To find our dream home was my ultimate goal.
Come Christmas morning, I’d be ready to roll!

I was having no luck, not one house was right.
My eyes grew weary, should I stop for the night?
Filled with confusion, despair and frustrations,
It was then that I found Coldwell Banker Innovations!

There it was! The perfect home, a real dream!
I spent another hour learning about their talented team.
When suddenly I heard a very loud noise!
To my surprise, there stood Santa with a large bag of toys!

“So you’re looking for a house, a little elf did say.
Shouldn’t you do that later? After all, it is Christmas Day.”
Santa”, I said, “I want to surprise my loving wife,
in a perfect dream home we want to spend our life!”

He smiled and he nodded, touched his nose with his finger.
Amazingly then I heard my cell phone ringer!
In a blink of an eye he vanished without a trace,
leaving only wrapped gifts all over the place!

I answered my phone confused by it all.
This early in the morning, who would give me a call?
“Hello”, I whispered, astonished to hear
A friendly CBI agent speaking crystal clear!

“I spoke with my good friend, a one Kris Kringle,
he said you want me to give you a jingle.
A new home to ring in the year that is new,
I’ve narrowed it down, there are quite a few!”

Stunned and shocked, how effective, how quick!
My real estate agent really knows the one and only Saint Nick?
“Yes”, I replied, “I’ll wake the wife and kids,
do you think the sellers are still accepting bids?”

We agreed to meet later that day.
So impressed with CBI, what more can I say?
If you’re looking for a home to sell or to buy,
You can’t go wrong with this team, give them a try!

Merry Christmas From Coldwell Banker Innovations!

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